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It’s time to return to your power, to resurrect the badass witch inside.

Sure, there’s still quite a few retrograde planets kicking around in our solar system. There’s still a few loose ends to tie up, a lesson or two to integrate here and there. But Mercury’s direct and eclipse season’s over and the cosmic funk of the past few months is subsiding. Welcome it as you would the ebbing of an overwhelming tide. Take a moment to bask in the pleasance of it. Congratulate yourself for making it through and boldly assert that you’re able, capable, and strong. You can kickstart the processes that eclipse season made you hip to, and you can see these changes through.

This moon is especially potent for developing your magickal skills, so bust out the crystals and summon the witch within. It also supports professional success, so crack open your grimoire, cast a money spell, and follow through by getting on top of your biz and career. Go after exciting opportunities. Say “yes” to offers that will help your soul (and your wallet) grow and expand. Take charge of where you’re going and don’t get embroiled in pursuits that don’t match your vision–if you don’t actively seek it, you don’t invite it.

Deck: The Naked Heart Tarot by Jillian C. Wilde

Aries—The Universe


You’re waking up to the cosmic connection, Aries, and it’s helping you to grow in compassion and tolerance. Your shadows tell you that you must be observed, noticed, and revered to have value, to have worth. But your transcendent soul tells you that you are value personified. You are a microcosmic universe, and you are the center of the universe no matter what you do or manage to accomplish. You are enough. Hold to this.

Taurus—Two of Wands


It’s impossible to know where the road will lead, Taurus, but having a chat with your deep inner knowing can enlighten you when it comes to making decisions. The world is yours even though you don’t always feel it; there’s so much more available to you than you allow yourself to see. Set down the pretense. Take a step back from the social roles and expectations that you’re working your ass off to fill. What do you want? What do you need?

Gemini—Nine of Wands


The time has come for you to let go, Gemini. For you to process. To shed your skin. To distance yourself from all the heavy crap that simply isn’t serving you. You’re multi-faceted nature makes it possible for you to be whatever a soul needs you to be and to shape-shift at will.  This is as much an asset as it is a burden–you often find yourself spread thin an desperately trying to keep up with the promises (intentional or unintentional) that you’ve casually made. Don’t do this. Say no to what doesn’t resonate and yes to what does, and abandon commitments that do nothing but suck your soul.

Cancer—Child of Swords


It’s time for you to take charge, Cancer. You’ve let folks sway you ways you didn’t want to be swayed and you’ve gone with the flow more often than you’ve wanted. You’ve let scrambled minds take charge and make reckless decisions, leaving you to clean up the mess. No more. You are the captain of this ship, by goddess. You are the architect. Have a say. Offer input. Make plans and share them with others. Be a part of the vision you work so hard to manifest.

Leo—Father of Wands


Even though Leo season is making its swift exit, you’re still tuned into the charm, the charisma, the in-your-face fire of your native sign. Use your magnetic power to turn the tides in your favor. If you’re in the public eye, challenge yourself to shine even brighter. Speak up at work. Make suggestions with a flourish and some extra confidence for good measure. And if you’re of the witchy sort, plan some big magick–this moon is bound to support your efforts and desires.

Virgo—Two of Swords


You’re approaching a decision, Virgo, and the longer you hold off on making it, the heavier it will weigh upon you. It may not be possible to make everyone happy. You may have to compromise something no matter what choice you make. Take a moment to tune into your deep inner knowing before you take any action–what is it saying? What does it want? Does its compass point in the direction of your highest good?

Libra—Youth of Pentacles


New opportunities wait on the horizon, Libra–what are you doing to move closer to them? How are you inviting them, and what steps are you taking to create the right environment for them to flourish and thrive? I’m getting the message that you’ve been stalling, that you’ve been waiting for the right time to make your move. Now is that time. Rise up to it and take the next step.

Scorpio—Seven of Wands


Never one to back down from a fight, you’re facing your challenges with teeth bared, Scorpio. Although you have the higher ground, you don’t fully realize it; you perceive the enemy to be stronger and more powerful than it actually is, and this puts you at a disadvantage. Remember who you are and what you’re capable of. Your dark power knows no rival, and if things get rough, don’t be afraid to slip into survival mentality if you need to.

Sagittarius—Four of Wands


You’ve done the work, Sagittarius, and the time has come for you to reap your rewards. As we begin our journey through the fall in transition (in the Northern Hemisphere), take a moment to tend to the hearth. To enjoy the simple pleasures and the brilliant people you surround yourself with. To delight in what you’ve managed to create, and what you’re working towards. With foundations this strong, you can begin to make some serious headway.

Capricorn—The High Priestess


This moon unlocks the mystery in you, Capricorn. Ever practical and direct, you may feel a little uncomfortable when your intuitive self comes to call, but do your best to temporarily suspend your mantel of reason so you may let other energies influence you. Invite the dark, elusive, receptive energies of the goddess to cleanse you and provide the insight you’ve long been searching for. This is a wonderful time to plan a ritual, to get out in nature, to go to a place that unlocks the magick in you. Listen in stillness, and receive what’s looking to come to you.

Aquarius—Six of Cups


One who gives often and purely is rare indeed, and you can learn a great deal from their example, Aquarius. Take stock of your generosity–is it coming from the right place? Is it fulfilling? Are you offering it to those who are truly in need? It’s likely that you’ve been giving from an empty cup, that you’re feeling a bit burnt out and wondering whether or not your philanthropy’s worth it. Just remember to fill your own cup so you can give from the overflow. Give to yourself first so your gifts to others are full and genuine.

Pisces—Five of Wands


Petty conflicts abound for you, Pisces, and it’s up to you to avoid them or push through them so you can direct your energy in more useful ways. If you find yourself arguing in circles or you’re beating your head against a metaphorical brick wall, it’s time to take a step back and ask yourself if it’s worth it. Is this really what you want to be doing? Is this how you want to spend your precious time? Remember where you want to head and decide if your actions and interactions are leading the way. If not, it’s time for a sea change.

Much Love and Happy Eclipse,


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5 thoughts on “FULL MOON IN PISCES | Tarotscopes for Every Sign

  1. Super dooper scorpio/libra/Taurus combo right here. I’m not trying to stall.. but I have stalled. I need help to move. And people get angry when I try to ask for help. And they jump in when it’s too late… and so you are careful to ask for help earlier.. but they keep getting angry, because you’re asking for help more and more often. .. and… I’m the bunny again. I dont want to have to ask again… I’m timid and scared and tired and lonely…
    And my scorpio/Taurus is like “we cant hold on like this forever, bunny go find help” but the libra bunny is not as strong as scorpio and Taurus, less endurance, less strength…. so bunny is brutally fatally injured trying to call for help, and if bunny fails, Taurus and scorpio will fail too… and… it’s so depressing

    1. That sounds like a wild experience! I’m a Scorpio sun and things were pretty jumbled for me from mid-July to mid-August–hopefully you’ll find some clarity soon!

      1. I have no idea why I went with “bunny” to explain it. But yeah, scorpio sun mercury venus and pluto. In 7th house. Lol thus my “libra”. But also depending on if you use sidereal or tropical. I use tropical, but libra if you prefer sidereal. Lol. Moon and ascendant Taurus. And if you go heliocentric, turns out earth is also in Taurus. Haha.

  2. I’m a Virgo and holy crap does that speak VOLUMES to me right now!!!! Completely on point. Thanks Jessi!

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