This Month on Patreon: Return to Earth

For the vast majority of my life, I was a bonafide escapist.

I spent hours with my head buried in books. I spent more hours spacing out, avoiding whatever it was that needed my time and attention. I observed the interactions that took place around me with trepidation or disinterest, and I created nuanced, fulfilling relationships in my head.

Living this way helped me create a rich landscape of imagination. It made the task of astral travel much more accessible once I began intentionally and in earnest. However, it made it hard for me to get much of anywhere in my waking life. It made it difficult for me to create real change, to take strides and risks and to achieve a sense of contentment and stability.

When I first began exploring the chakra system, it was evident to me that my lower level chakras–the root, sacral, and solar plexus–were heavily blocked. I looked back on my past and recalled everything I had fled from. I took a good hard look at the ways I sabotaged myself in terms of trust and stability, and I made a vow to be bolder in confronting the challenging, upsetting, and frustrating aspects of daily life so I could establish a firm foundation in the material world.

In tarot, the material realm is encompassed in the suit of pentacles. The element that the suit of pentacles represents is earth–the physical, the real, the actual, the consensual experience of human beings as well as various other lifeforms. Money is of the earth element. So is health and wellness. So areĀ familial relationships and friendships. So is career and lifestyle. And all these seem to be represented by a verdant overgrowth of plant life and the strength hewn into the very rock of our firmament (or lack thereof).

The dynamic interplay between nature and reality has always been endlessly fascinating to me–to what extent is our nature our reality? How might we use nature to escape reality? What purpose does grounding serve? How can we shift our environment to promote personal growth and achievement?

This month’s Patreon content explores this dynamic interplay and the importance of grounding and centering ourselves in our experience.

1$ Tier–Return To Earth tarot spread and three-card collective reading for August

5$ Tier–tarot spread, collective reading, and exclusive video: “Shaping Your Environment to Support Your Creativity”

$10 Tier–tarot spread, collective reading, video, and Return to Earth mini e-book

$25-$50 Tiers–All the rewards plus monthly one-on-one readings with me.

So Much Love, Grounding, and Strength,

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