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Friday’s lunar eclipse in Aquarius is the second of the season and the longest of the century. Surprise, surprise–it’ll be an emotional one. Break out the tissues and get ready for more of the same.


This eclipse will unearth deeply buried shadows. It will highlight the quality of your relationships and give you insight into which need nurturing and which need to go. Expect some family shit to surface and use your newfound awareness to integrate a shadow or two. Cry when you need to cry. Laugh when you need to laugh. Freak out when you need to freak out. Just remember–the emotional state you find yourself in is a temporary one and it serves a transformational purpose. Feel your feelings, let them pass, and apply the insight they’ve given you to making changes.

Those who capitalize on the messages revealed through this eclipse will harness some serious magick. They’ll emerge from the shift with a noticeable uptick of confidence and badassery. Those who wallow in their emotions and refuse to move with the changing tides will stagnate and grow ever more confused over who they are and what they should be doing.

Which will you be?

Aries—Ace of Swords


Chaotic astrological energy is alchemizing into staggering epiphanies, Aries–somehow, you’re cutting through the white noise and receiving hits of wisdom left and right. The wildness has torn your barriers down, making it possible for a truth or two to settle in. Don’t shy from the intensity of these messages–channel it. Let it rock you like the metaphorical bolt of lightning it is, and respond accordingly.

Taurus—Prince of Cups


The emotional heaviness of this eclipse descends hard, Taurus, and you want everyone to know how you feel. You’ll be moved to enact grand gestures of your love and affection to those you care most deeply about–go for it. Your practicality sometimes gets in the way of you showing how you truly feel, and your people need to know how you feel about them. Don’t hold back. Be bold in your affection.

Gemini—Five of Pentacles


Shadows are bubbling up to the surface for you, Gemini, and they’re making you feel left out and isolated. Rather than bemoan your solitude, pull out the journal and consider why you’re feeling this way. Which past events made you feel small and unaccepted? How are you carrying the residual feelings from those events into your current interactions? Are you really as lonely as you feel, or are your shadows convincing you of an isolation that doesn’t exist?



Although your season was purgative and illuminating, Cancer, you’re happier to transition into more fiery energy. You feel called to act upon your emotions, you feel called to do something about everything you’ve been so upset about. Channel the boldness and confidence of Leo and take some steps in the right direction. Put your feels to work for you.

Leo—Queen of Swords


Your season has arrived, Leo, and as expected, it’s making you feel powerful and commanding. Your confidence is not merely skin deep–wisdom, discernment, and competence give it life and help it propel you forward. You may be called to step up and referee a conflict or give advice to a friend in need. Relish in this counselor role and have faith that your words and advice will resonate.

Virgo—Five of Swords


The stakes are raised for you, Virgo, and you feel it. You may bring a bolder, more determined approach to all that you do because you want to level up. You want to usher in a new way of being. You’re no longer willing to sit on the sidelines. Follow your impulse to enter the fray, but remember that the ends don’t always justify the means–getting ahead on the backs of others is a sure way to jeopardize your foundation.



This eclipse season hasn’t been easy for you, Libra. You’re moving forward, but the progress is slow–sometimes it feels like you struggling through waist-deep mud. Hang in there. What you’re learning needs time to sink in. What you’re discovering needs time to be processed. Your halcyon days will soon come, but in the meantime, absorb everything you can from the lessons you’re learning and let those lessons change you.

Scorpio—Three of Cups

IMG_0005 2

We get by with a little help from our friends, Scorpio–when was the last time you reached out to yours? You’re more like to brood in the corner, but sometimes a laugh and a chat are all you need to feel better about whatever ails you. It’s Leo season, after all–tap into your dark charisma and delight in the presence and companionship of others. Things don’t always have to be so serious–give yourself a break and let yourself enjoy some of the simpler pleasures of life.

Sagittarius—The Sun


It may be a lunar eclipse, but you’re channeling fire energy, Sagittarius. You’re one of the few who’s already figured some major things out and knows the next step forward. Congratulate yourself on your insight and fully embrace the joy that’s yours to embrace. Do what pleases you without regret. Take a moment to enjoy and appreciate what you’ve accomplished. Connect with the universe. Transcend your personal struggles. You deserve to feel at peace with your environment.


IMG_0008 2

The wild astrological climate has unlocked your animal, Capricorn–you may feel a bit more aggressive, passionate, and unpredictable than usual. Channel this energy to help you take risks you’ve been remiss in taking. Let it propel you through psycho-spiritual blocks you’ve long been limited by. Let it inspire you to say what needs to be said without shame and regret. Don’t demonize it–let it be your ally.

Aquarius—Ace of Wands


You feel the rumblings of new beginnings, Aquarius, and you are so ready for them. Ideas keep popping up in the most unexpected places and your renewed zest for life is inspiring you to begin to new projects and usher in new ways of tackling and accomplishing things. Let yourself be the vehicle of the creativity your soul wants to express. Let your passion overcome you and make you excited about everything that’ coming your way.

Pisces—Princess of Cups


You have an opportunity to open. To listen. To step back from the fray and get a clear picture of what’s going on and how you might begin to tackle it. Life is more than what you make–sometimes, it’s what you learn that makes all the difference. Challenge yourself to pay deep, uninterrupted attention to what’s happening around you. What do you see? What are you now able to understand? You must be quiet and still to receive the answers you’re looking to receive.

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