Thursday’s partial solar eclipse and new moon in Cancer are certain to shake things up, and by shake things up I mean tear them apart and burn them to the ground.

It’s eclipse season. There are four planets in retrograde (Jupiter went direct today, but Mercury’s next). The cosmos is practically throwing us off the cliff of transformation and we’d do best to lean into that journey and gather up the silver linings we find along the way. The time to rebuild and renew will come—for now, it’s best to let the crumbling happen and think about the how and why of it all.

This past full moon served you the truth. This new moon will have you process and integrate it. Change is rapid and molasses-slow all at once, and the only way to speed up the process is to stop fighting it. Instead, fight for yourself. Summon the strength and courage to start over. To reframe. To accept what’s shifting in your life. To reevaluate your relationships. To consider how you’re sabotaging yourself. To connect with what you need. To laugh—yes, I said laugh—at the absurdity of it all so you can raise the spirit you need to continue. To cry and purge the feelings of remnant pain.

Raise the flag of your tribe and say yes to the challenge. Hold on to the promise of a stronger, more powerful you when the ash settles.



There’s a few things that aren’t sitting well with you, Aries, and you’re just not going to take it anymore. You’ve been as kind and reserved as it’s in your nature to be because you didn’t want to add more fuel to the fire. Honestly, you just wanted a bit of a break from the mess, but the mess found you anyway. Welcome the impulse to speak up. To make waves. To make your thoughts and desires known. At this point, you have more to gain by stirring up some shit than you do by being silent.

Taurus—Eight of Pentacles


When you’re lazy, you’re lazy, Taurus, but when you’re committed, there ain’t a damn thing that can stop you. You’re either getting the call to throw yourself into a new endeavor or to step up your game in a current one, and you’re ready. You may feel a little resistant. You might not be precisely sure where your efforts will lead. However, you know that the effort itself could be life-changing, and you want change more than you want stagnancy. Kick it into gear and show the world (and yourself) just how dedicated you can be.

Gemini—The High Priestess


You don’t mind a little chaos, Gemini. In fact, it helps you get in touch with the sublime and awesome power of the universe and yourself. Capitalize on this eclipse energy by getting down and dirty with the occult. Do a candle spell. Reach out to the ancestors. Channel the energy of a badass deity and harness the sheer force of what’s brewing in the cosmos right now. A challenge is an invitation to grow to the size of all you see–take up space and use your magick to level-up in a big way.

Cancer—The Sun


Even though this is your moon, Cancer, it’s all about the sun for you. You’ve wept. You’ve been heavy. You’ve felt your pain like a dagger in the heart, and frankly, you’re done. You want a little happiness, and guess what–you deserve it. If you can, bathe yourself in the sun as the moon eclipses it. Let it’s powerful, regenerative energy course through you. Let it clear out the cobwebs, let it sink into your skin, let it possess you. Hold space for it to lift your spirits and spirit you to a higher plane.

Leo—Two of Pentacles


It’s almost your season, Leo (and we all know how you love your season). Before you get all gold and glittery and about yourself, take stock of where you are and bring things into balance. There’s a situation or two that’s begging for your attention, that needs your attention to get on the right track. Trust me–it will be worth your time and energy to address what needs to be addressed. You’re damn resilient, but no one’s immune to upset. Find the problem and correct it before it becomes a bigger deal.

Virgo—Three Wheel of Fortune


Round and round and round she goes, and where she stops, nobody knows. Though these words likely fill you with dread, dear Virgo, there are some things that even you can’t plan for, and there are some things you just need to let go of to get into a healthier state of mind. Take an inventory of what you’ve been wasting energy on. Identify what you can’t change and stop trying to change it. You’ll be better served by directing your efforts at moveable objects and if you do, you’ll feel a visceral weight lift off of your shoulders.

Libra—The Star


The crazy alchemy of this astrology opens up a portal of healing for you, Libra–slide into it. Let it cradle you. Welcome your tears and let your true feelings manifest. Healing often requires a certain level of forgiveness, and if there’s someone you need to forgive, do your best to forgive them. Not for them, but for yourself. Drinking the poison of resentment does nothing but weaken you. Summoning the courage to forgive, however, will liberate you.

Scorpio—Father of Cups


Your venomous nature is born from your deep capacity to feel, Scorpio. You take slights more personally than the average sign only because love and connection are intrinsic to your sense of purpose and wellbeing. Rather than sting your opponent, access you empathy to divine where their attacks are coming from them. Hold space for their pain, for their feelings. Dip your toe into the bottomless well of your compassion, and let your responsiveness spring from there.

Sagittarius—Seven of Swords


There’s a thing or two you haven’t been completely honest about Sagittarius, and sooner or later it’s going to sneak up and wreak havoc. Make the first move and air it out. Let it breathe. Feel the release and know in your bones that speaking your truth is always the best approach. It may not be clean, but the truth rarely is. You may have to make a few apologies–humble yourself to make them. And if you feel that the person you’re hiding this truth from is yourself, set aside some time to dive into your shadow and shed light on what lives there.

Capricorn—Two of Wands


You’re at a crossroads, Capricorn, and although the way forward may not be clear, you know that moving forward is the best choice for you now. Settle old debts, both materially and psycho-spiritually. Slough off the shell of your former self so the self you’re becoming is free to choose its direction. Look as far down all possible roads as you can, and choose the one that resonates most deeply with your soul. Follow your “hell yes” wherever it leads.

Aquarius—The Moon


Cancer’s new moon is an opportunity for you to do some serious deep diving, Aquarius. Even though the shadow isn’t your favorite place, it’s certainly not unfamiliar–you’ve been there enough times to understand the benefits of walking that landscape. Take a look at where you’re struggling and trace your struggles back to their source. Get comfrotable with the parts of yourself you’ve rejected so you can welcome those parts back into the fold again. You are a complex, beautiful being–gather the courage to take the good with the bad.



This moon holds the potential to rock your foundations, Pisces–stand firm amidst the earthquake. It may shake you, but don’t let it knock you down. You’ve worked too hard to crumble and submit now. What’s laid waste by these changes wasn’t serving you anyway–you need room to grow and shift into someone that’s even stronger than who you are now. Trust that the challenge will reveal a fortitude you never knew you possessed, and let that knowledge inspire you to be bolder and braver in the future.

Much Love,


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