The full moon in Sagittarius invites you to get in touch with your joie de vivre–if you’ve been stressing (or the world’s been stressing you), now’s a great time to take a vacation from your problems.

This moon is a vessel for adventure–get outdoors, embrace what excites you, follow the high vibration. The world is a gift for you to discover and delight in. Your experience is your muse. Your life is your art, and your job is to discover the best ways to suck the marrow out of everything that enters your path. Find joy in the journey and follow the breadcrumbs that lead you to what you love and desire most. Don’t allow yourself to get so caught up in the minutiae that you miss out on the wonder and mystery of being alive.

There’s energy about that suggests a tension between work and play, responsibility and desire. Don’t let this tension rend you apart. Instead, set aside time for each and stick to that timetable. Embrace what you’re doing in the moment fully. Don’t wish away your enjoyment by thinking about work, and don’t distract yourself from working by thinking about leisure time. You can pull this off if you pay attention to your transitions. Compartmentalize and find balance.



While this moon’s energy is one of extraversion and dynamism, you’re feeling the pull towards solitude and peace. The new moon saw you awash in ecstasy and as you settle down to a gentler pitch, you may have a thing or two you’d like to process or think about. Fulfill this need for gentleness through walking meditation or relaxing in a beautiful outdoor space. Not all adventures are punctuated by challenges and catalysts–some move constant like a flowing stream. Follow the flow and reflect. Let the world tell you what your next move is.



This moon carries the potential for a row or two as it urges you to give your ego exactly what it desires. Resist the urge to turn a blind eye so you can single-mindedly pursue your agenda–it may be more gratifying to do as you please in the short run, but you run the risk of sewing discord in your relationships. You are no more worthy of finding happiness than anyone else in your sphere, and when you work towards achieving happiness together, everyone wins.



The high-energy vibes of this moon have you feeling fucking fantastic, Gemini, and you want to spread the wealth in any way you can. Lean into that urge by doing what you most enjoy and offering the fruits of that labor. Love to cook? Organize a dinner party and share your food. Love to hike? Get your friends together and introduce them to your favorite trails. Channel your overflow outwards and with love, and you’ll feel in perfect vibration with the universe.



You’ve seen some serious success in the past few weeks, Cancer, but it didn’t come easily or naturally. Whether or not you’re in process or you’ve reached a plateau, things are still shifting into place. You may feel the precariousness of these newfound gains and want to hold them close and protect them, but you risk stifling them as a result. Trust in the strides you’ve made. Know that they’ve been made on solid foundations, and give them room to breathe and grow into something with bigger potential.



You’re on a roll, Leo, and if you play your cards right, you can ride a wave of “hell yes” all the way into shore. Hold fast to the delight in your heart and let it be your compass. Trust in the way that you feel and ground yourself in that. You may be dubious of your good fortune; you may tell yourself it’s only a matter of time before you hit a bump in the road. You’re not wrong, but focusing your energy on this rather than the success you’re experiencing detracts from that success and brings the bump closer into view. Take everything you can from this joy. Let it feed you and sustain you so the next obstacle is easier to tackle head-on.



You’ve prepared, planned, plotted, and schemed. You’ve set your vision into motion. Now it’s time to buckle your seatbelt, because things are about to take off. Do what you can to put yourself in rhythm with this accelerated motion. Give yourself breaks when necessary, but focus more on where you’re going and what you’re doing. The excitement and exhilaration of this moon fuels your great work. Rise to the challenge and stay hungry. Keep in touch with your why, and enjoy the ride.



You’re ready to return to the world in a big way, Libra, and curiosity pulls you towards folks and experiences that are new and intriguing. Resist the urge to go through the motions. Step outside of your territory and explore the territory of others. Listen and create opportunities for intense and meaningful conversation. There’s so much this world can teach you if you approach it open and willing.



Your willingness to welcome all facets of experience makes you a fantastic advisor, Scorpio, and this moon gives you ample opportunity to share what you’ve learned in the service of others. Make it easy for those who need you to find you. Take joy in knowing the positive impact you’re having on those around you. Let it fill you with gratitude and purpose. If you have the chance to attend a retreat or have a chill hang session with friends, go for it–you’ll be the medicine they didn’t know they needed.



It’s the end of an era, Sag–lean in and let go. Your moon is opening the door for new opportunities in all areas of your life, and what it needs from you is a willingness to close the door on outmoded ways of being so it can open new doors for you. If you’re in a job, relationship, environment that’s holding you back from what’s best, it may be time for a serious re-haul. If that means leaving said job/relationship/environment, so be it.



You’re finally being recognized for all of your hard work, Capricorn–enjoy it. You don’t doubt your ability to what needs to be done (and you don’t necessarily need praise to keep you moving), but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy it when it does come. Take in the view from the peak and delight in its beauty. Take the opportunity to survey how far you come as well as discover what your next move is. You could rest on your laurels, but doing so could result in an opportunity or two slipping through your fingers.



You’ve been working towards balance, Aquarius, and it shows–you’re giving and receiving in equal measure, and it’s building stronger bonds in all areas of your life. Sometimes it’s easy for you to slip into the realm of your own world and disregard consensus reality, and this is when things tend to become more challenging for you. You’re learning the benefit of the ebb and flow, of keeping one foot grounded in reality, and although it doesn’t feel entirely natural, it does feel good.



There are some major shifts happening for you, Pisces, and you’re feeling the urge to  ride out the shit storm from a safe place. There’s nothing wrong with taking time to process and understand–it’s often best to feel emotions as they arise. However, if you stay in that space too long, you run the risk of malaise and listlessness. Harness the high vibes of this moon and break out. Take a trip. Take a walk. Do something you love even if you’re not quite feeling it. A laugh or two does wonders in times of crisis. Shine your light and tear through the darkness.

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  1. As a Sag sun, with Scorpio moon, and Piscean ascendant.. I am definitely feeling these influences in my life.. and am seeing these same themes pop in my own monthly reading (a 15 card pyramid ) Thanks, Jessi.

      1. It is.. but I don’t do individual cards of the 15.. (except a special 3).. I deal with card triples (triangles) of various sizes and orientation..

      2. I’ve published two posts of 15 card pyramids.. a review of May’s 15 card month and how accurate it has been.. as well as a look forward to june. 😉

  2. So funny that the same card that came up for me in our reading was death and here it is again. The universe couldn’t scream louder if it tried. Thank you so much for your time and wisdom in this. 💜💜💜

    1. You’re so welcome, and it is crazy that Death came up again! I’m so curious to know how things are unfolding–I hope you’re doing well and living in power!

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