The full moon in Scorpio gathers dark, illuminating, and connective energies–be prepared for things to get real.

If you’ve been putting off your shadow work or if you’ve given your subconscious the slip (and who would blame you–it’s Spring/Fall after all), now’s the perfect time to tune in and pay attention. Game-changing wisdom waits for she who’s open to receive it, so set your ego aside and let some knowledge roll over you. Don’t discredit your sources, and perk your ears up in public places. You never know when the next pearl of wisdom is going to drop.

Emotions run high and a little bit wild, so hold space for the weird. Dive into cosmic conversation with those who are willing to have it. Be willing to confide and lend an ear. Chances are that folks are on the precipice of some pretty major revelations, so they might not act completely in character. Embrace this. Encourage them to step outside of their boxes so they can grow and connect in unique and beautiful ways.

Speaking of connection–Scorpio energy is known for its sex-drive, so if you’re looking for an excuse to go on the pull, look no further. If you’re in a relationship, challenge yourself to be a bit vulnerable. Express your fantasies and desires with your partner. Speak up so you get what you want, and be willing to take your person(s) where they want to go (as long as you’re comfortable). And if you’re not partnered, there’s no problem with going solo–light a candle and let your body tell you what it wants and needs. Delight in whatever turns you on. Give shame the middle finger and (safely and respectively) let your freak flag fly.



The intuitive energies of this moon are moving through you in mysterious ways–make yourself a vessel for this madness and solve psycho-spiritual problems that have plagued you for months. Don’t be afraid to pull out the journal and do some free-writing. If you’re witchy, witch it up. Check out a guided meditation and tap into your subconscious, because important truths are lurking just below the surface, waiting to be brought into the light.



That decision you’ve been putting off? If you don’t make it, the universe will. Scorpio’s watery receptivity is more than ready for a brooding session, so set the lights low and work it out. Draw up a pros and cons list if you’re really that torn, and if you simply can’t come to a decision, step back and let things unfold the way they will.



Things are shifting, moving, taking shape. You might find an unexpected opportunity rapping at your door, and if that’s the case, grab your coat and go forth. There’s also the potential for you to uncover a dark revelation while you wander your psycho-spiritual landscape. Although you can’t predict precisely what will come to pass, you can prepare for it–dial up your self-care routine and repeat a badass mantra so your ego can take the change in stride.



You’re no stranger to the stirrings of your conscience, Cancer–in fact, you’re more sensitive to them than most. Work with the bold energies of this lunar phase to let others know how you feel. If you’ve been unfair, say so so you can move through the negativity and emerge stronger on the other side. Just remember–you’re allowed to defend yourself when necessary. Don’t let others guilt you into taking the blame of a conflict you built together.



You reap what you sew, Leo, and in a lunar phase where everyone’s highly emotive, your oh so glorious self could be a little under-appreciated. Tune in and feel out others before you present with boldness. Allow yourself to take a backseat and let some more reserved people shine. And if you feel mysteriously drawn to the dark side, surrender–you may find exactly what you’ve been actively searching for by letting go and letting goddess tell you what’s up.



In a time where others are awash with a wave of reflection, you’re feeling a fiery call to get moving (it’s no wonder–you tend to handle this moon better than most of the zodiac). The new moon set you straight, and now you’re ready to keep working–use the next few days to follow through on your intentions and do some extra-special moon magick if it resonates.



This Scorpionic energy is throwing you for a bit of a loop, so don’t be surprised if you’re a bit stressed out and discombobulated. If you’re mulling over past regrets, take the time to fashion a forgiveness ritual or a cord-cutting ceremony. If that’s a bit too involved, light up some sage and speak some words of release. Hold space for yourself–no one’s perfect. Resist the urge to be hard on yourself and give yourself the gift of compassion and understanding.



This is your moon, Scorpio, and it’s making you feel damn electric and desirable. Take advantage of the deep, intense energy this moon is unlocking in everyone else and make some connections. If you’ve been waiting to have a heartfelt conversation, now’s a good time to have it. If you’re looking to get it on, go get it your way. Trust that you’ll be accepted, nay, embraced for the force that you are, and let yourself feel your dark joy in all its glory.



This full moon may leave you feeling a little bit sluggish, and that’s totally okay. The revelations that seek you are of the gentler variety, so they’ll likely come on a bit softer and smoother than they will for the rest of the zodiac. Self-care is highly recommended, so read that book/take that bath/take that nap with no guilt whatsoever. Ride the rolling wave and be fine.



Death is the card of Scorpio, so it’s fitting for these energies. Take stock of what’s not working and let that shit go. When the moon begins waning in a few days, clean out the literal/metaphorical closets. Take a step back from overwhelming relationships and leave the past behind you. A glorious rebirth waits on the other side of death–if you’re having trouble moving forward, focus on what you have to gain and what you can build with a clean slate.



This moon has you feeling pretty damn powerful–stand up and claim your Queenhood. Let yourself follow your creative urges and get artsy without pressuring yourself to perform. Give birth to the beautiful ideas that swim around in your beautiful head by writing them down or actively manifesting them–there’s no time like the present to begin building the life of your dreams.



Scorpio has you feeling all the feels–you might react more sensitively to perceived slights or catty comments in the coming weeks, so bring awareness to this. Know that you don’t have to let these emotions dominate your actions. Withdraw to process if need be. Tell others when and why they hurt you, and ask them to be kinder or more thoughtful. It’s a blessing to feel, because feelings attune us to what needs to be addressed. Take the next step and work to repair any sadness you may feel.

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