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The cosmic transition into Aries marks the beginning of the astrological new year—growth, change, and new opportunities wait for you on the horizon. With the New Moon rising in Aries and Mercury stationing direct this Saturday, it’s the perfect time to put your retrograde reflections to good use by refreshing your twelve-month plan and putting newfound insights into action. The time for dreaming and wishing is over—lean into the urge to get moving and work towards manifesting new visions. If you’re looking for a permission slip to do the work of change, consider this tarotscope it.

The ram wants you to be courageous—if you’ve been standing at the threshold, muster the strength and boldness needed to take the next step. That promotion you’ve been vying for? That trip you’ve been looking to take? That relationship you’d like to take to the next level? Go for it. If there was ever a time to take a calculated risk, now’s that time. Put your doubts and your fears to rest, because you stand to lose more by standing still than you do by taking a misstep or two. However, this is no invitation to be reckless—make sure the desires of your heart and head are in alignment before you take the leap.

And remember—have fun. Regardless of your roles and responsibilities, you deserve to feel free, fulfilled, and joyful. Make plans to delight in pleasant company and get out into the world and experience everything it has to offer.

Aries—Seven of Tomes


You may be itching to reap the rewards of your labor, but don’t pluck your fruit before it’s ripe. You’re growing in really exciting ways, and the more space you hold for yourself during this process the better the payoff will be. Breathe. Trust. Surrender. You’ve set yourself up for success, so keep on keeping on and you’ll get where you want to be.

Taurus—Five of Tomes


This past Merc RX was a rough one for you—communication breakdowns put stress on your relationships, and you’re feeling a bit sheepish and left out as a result. Rather than retreat to lick your wounds, reach out and repair the damage. Ask for forgiveness and give it in return. The only thing that stands between you and stronger relationships is your stubbornness—let water flow freely under the bridge and you’ll find yourself back where you belong.

Gemini—Nine of Candles


Though the night is dark and full of terrors, you have everything you need to defend what you’ve worked so hard for. But remember—not everything we possess is worth the fight. Prioritize. Take note of where you’re investing your energies and decide which battles are most important. If you’re feeling burnt out and need a break, consider letting a few things go so you have the energy and enthusiasm you need to nurture what’s worthwhile.

Cancer—The Shadow


Mercury retrograde’s reflective energy inspired you to plumb your psychic depths. Now that you’ve resurfaced, you’re looking to use what you’ve discovered to learn and grow. Use dark moon energy to release what’s no longer serving. Write your feelings, tear out the pages, and burn them—let it all go. Process your emotions by leaning into them and moving through them. Resist the urge to linger in the past and celebrate the urge to put the past behind you.

Leo—The Chariot


The energy of the new moon in Aries lights inspires you to move forward with awesome momentum. In your excitement and enthusiasm, however, you run the risk of falling victim to your baser desires and acting from a space of fear rather than one of empowerment. Your highest good forever rides at your side—tap into it. Channel it. Hold space and listen to what it has to say. You may think your ego knows better, but remember—the ego is the builder, not the architect.

Virgo—Three of Candles


While everyone was resting and reflecting, you were busy fighting off your demons and making some major headway in terms of your visions and desires. You’re way ahead of the game, Virgo, so if you feel the need to take a step back and consider what’s coming, go for it. You have a choice opportunity to set yourself up for success—put your keen eye for detail to good use by looking ahead and getting a handle on what you want to achieve in the coming months before you spring into action.

Libra—Four of Candles


Celebrate your achievements, Libra. You’ve come a long way and you deserve to enjoy what you’ve accomplished. Set aside time to gather with friends and to tell those you love that you love them. Take a moment to express gratitude for all that you have. Embrace joy when it visits you.

Scorpio—The Sun


Ever the dark soul, you’re wary of the sunlight when it strikes you. Resist the urge to crawl beneath a metaphorical rock and step into the warmth—you deserve it. Align with the joyful energy of this new moon by setting aside some time to do your favorite thing, be it dancing or dreaming. Even though you enjoy the intensity of the darkness, a day or two in the sun could do you some good.

Sagittarius—Explorer of Bells


You’re being invited to speak up, speak out, and get the job done. You may not win any popularity contests, but you’ll sure as hell get your point across. Embrace this honesty. Let it spearhead the changes you’ve wanted to make. Use it to let others know what you need so they have a chance to give it to you. And take this opportunity to give yourself what you need—you’re your strongest ally.

Capricorn—Five of Candles


The coming the weeks might see you engaging in some verbal sparring, but it’s more likely to strengthen your relationships than it is to damage them. Try not to take things too personally or seriously. Things said in the heat of the moment are often blown out of proportion—rather than take offense, find the kernel of truth that lies at the center of the conflict. Nine times out of ten, it’s hurt feelings. Tap into your compassion and lead with love first.

Aquarius—The Visionary


Your heart, your mind, and your soul are open. Intuition visits you in powerful bursts—take note of what it’s trying to tell you. If your spiritual practice has been suffering, use this opportunity to get back into it. Chat with your guides. Check in with yourself. Let the mystical woo goodness wash over you. Set your intentions and channel your magick to lift you to a higher plane.

Pisces—The Fool


The courageous, pioneering energy of this new moon graces you twofold—go on an adventure. Begin a relationship. Start a new hobby or explore something you’ve been too shy to try. The world is your metaphorical oyster, and the only thing holding you back from excitement and discovery is your reticence. Be bold and take a chance on yourself. Let yourself grow, evolve, and change.

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