Mercury Retrograde: What to Expect (and What to Do About it)

At 8:19 PM last night, Mercury turned retrograde. Here’s what you can expect to think, feel, and grapple with for the next 24 days.

The hiccup: Mercury Retrograde is a time of communication breakdowns–what’s said can be garbled, misleading, or downright confusing. Because of this, there’s the potential for a domestic spat or two, and you might find yourself raising your voice more often than you’re used to.

The silver lining: This is the perfect time to lay it all out on the table, so to speak. If you’ve been downplaying your emotions or burying your resentments, this is a choice opportunity to work with the retrograde energy to speak your piece and let others know how you really feel. When we’re honest with ourselves and others, we create an environment of trust and accountability. We make it easier for our needs to be met and we’re able to better respond to the feelings and needs of others. This creates the potential for greater intimacy and respect in our relationships.

The hiccup: Merc RX can also have a hefty influence on how well our electronics respond to our commands–if you feel that your laptop and your phone are mutinying against you, you’re not alone! Expect random shut downs, deletions, and malfunctions. Back up your files, hit the “save” button every minute or so, and email important documents to yourself so you aren’t left high and dry.

The silver lining: You can make this hyper-tech vigilance a habit that will serve you for years to come–continue to do your due diligence even after Mercury goes direct again. This is also an awesome opportunity to clean out your inbox or reconsider the layout of your website (just don’t make any major changes until April 15).

The hiccup: Mercury RX also tends to stir up strong emotions and setup random meetings with the ghosts of our past. You might find yourself reminiscing about a relationship that ended a decade ago (or a crush you had when you were eight that you haven’t thought about since you were eight). Be prepared to feel all the feels and to be thrown a bit off your game as a result.

The silver lining: Use this trip down memory lane as an opportunity to process and work through any unresolved emotions. We get along with our shadow side best when we make time to listen to what it has to say. Consider why you’re reflecting and what your cogitations are telling you about the here and now. Put resentments to bed by whipping up a release ritual and burning what no longer serves (yes, I said burning–there are few release workings more effective or satisfying than torching a picture of that cheating ex in a bonfire).

The hiccup: Mercury Retrograde can seriously slow us down–even the simplest tasks can feel overwhelming, and it may feel like we’re moving through waist-deep cement. For the fiery among us, this slowed pace can be excruciating (just because Mercury slows down doesn’t mean your agenda does).

The silver lining: That book you’ve been wanting to read? That show you’ve been wanting to watch? That elusive lazy afternoon you’ve been looking to have? Put it on the docket, because you’ll enjoy it now even more than you would otherwise. If you’re of the spiritual set, this is a good time to get comfy in front of the altar and chat with your guides (and chances are your guides will be more than willing to speak). Surrender to the slow pace by indulging in the quiet, contemplative, vegetative activities you deeply love but may feel guilty indulging in.

Take a bath and a break, because you deserve it <3

So Much Love Beauties,

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