Five Manifesting Tips to Help You Get What You Want

You have a goal. A vision. An aching desire to bring something into being.

As a small business owner, I understand what it feels like to work from this space. I also understand just how challenging it can be to pull your dreams from the ether and make them a reality,┬áso I’m sharing my top five tips for manifesting what you want most. I hope they help you move closer to whatever it is you deeply and fully desire.

Know What You Want

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s actually one of the most difficult steps in the manifestation journey. Why? Because getting specific about what you want takes a lot of thought (and often a lot of trial and error).

When I first started my business, I knew I wanted to read tarot professionally. What I didn’t know was who I wanted to read for, how I wanted to read for them, and what type of readings I wanted to offer. Because of this, I relied heavily on the examples of other professionals in my field (which is not necessarily a bad thing–successful business owners are successful because they’re doing more than a few things right) even if those examples didn’t particularly resonate with me. I told myself that I couldn’t do or explore certain things because they hadn’t been done before (or they’d been overdone), and this led me away from the reason I began the business in the first place.

Once I decided to sit down and write out what I wanted my business to look like and got clear on how I wanted it to function, it became much easier for me to make headway. I wasn’t constantly distracted by the myriad of ways I could approach this thing–instead, I was able to recognize that I didn’t have to do or be everything–I could just be myself.

Know What You Need

Real talk–wishing, dreaming, and consciously attracting something is not enough to manifest what you want. If you want to make some serious changes, you’re going to have to take some action, and before you take some action, you’re going to need a solid idea of the steps you have to take to get from point A to point Z.

Say you want to transform your dingy, arid yard into a verdant garden. First, you’ll have to fertilize your soil. Next, you’ll have to do some research on which plants flourish best in your climate and what they require to become healthy and strong. Next, you’ll have to determine how much sun your plot gets throughout the day so you know whether to choose sun-loving or shade-loving plants. Then, you’ll have to create a budget. Next, you’ll have to formulate a design within that budget. And finally, you’ll have to do the hard work of tilling the soil and planting the seeds and tending to them.

Or you can stick some plants in the ground, pray for rain, and visualize a garden for ten minutes each day. Which approach do you think will get you closer to the garden you want?

When you think, consider, and plan, you set yourself up for success. When you wing it, your chances of coming up short are that much higher.

Throw Some Magick at It

I know this tip seems to contradict the last one, but bear with me–as long as you’re willing to put in the elbow grease, wishing and welcoming can be really useful. First, it can help you focus–if you spend a few minutes each morning visualizing the change you want to make, you’re programming your brain to give you periodic reminders of what you’re working towards. Second, it can help you shift into the mindset that what you want is attainable, and this can help you take the risks and make the strides you need to create a fertile environment for your dreams to thrive in.

Know What You Don’t Want

Knowing what you don’t want is almost as important as knowing what you do–it helps you build parameters around your vision so you can bring it into better focus.

I enjoy my free time. I love having adventures and spending time with family and reading and painting and the rest of it. I know how important it is for me to have the opportunity to kick back and relax from time to time, so I knew I didn’t want to have a business that required me to be “on” every waking moment of the day. Knowing this, I came up with a schedule that carved out space for this time. I hold myself to the standard of maintaining this time, so when work begins to creep into it (as it inevitably does), I put away my phone and my laptop and I give myself a huge helping of self-care.

It’s okay if you don’t know what you don’t want until you feel it–sometimes we won’t make a realization until we find ourselves knee deep in a “hell no” situation. What you can do as you navigate the wide and wonderful world of manifesting is to learn how to recognize when something’s not jiving with you and you give yourself permission to switch things up until things feel right again.

Listen to Your Deep Inner Knowing

Your deep inner knowing is the source of your “hell yes.” It’s the feeling that let’s you know when you’re on the right track or when you’ve taken a detour. It’s speaking to you when you feel excited, passionate, and full of wonder. It’s the longing of your soul pointing you towards what your higher self needs for its fulfillment.

Often, the biggest obstacle that stands between us and what we want is our own self–doubts, shadows, and misgivings creep in and tell us that we can’t do it, we don’t deserve it, or it’s not there for us.

And yet, the greatest asset we have in manifesting is also our own self–our dedication, our passion, our commitment, and our unique vision. As long as we remain connected to our deep inner knowing, we can harness our power and resilience and bring what we will into being.

(And if you’d like some guidance in connecting to the powerful force of your deep inner knowing, check out Be True to You, the Free e-guide to Following Your Deep Inner Knowing).

Much Love and Happy Manifesting,


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