Tarot Spread for Giving

It’s easy to want, to desire.

In the course of a given day, I touch on at least a dozen desires that fuel me and inspire me. These desires help me structure how I work, how I live, and what I pursue.

It’s harder to give–to make ourselves vulnerable, to look deeply into the lives of those we care about and discover what we can do to make their day better.

Conscious, deliberate giving is something that’s often reserved for holidays and special occasions, but if we can do something small every day to let others know we care about them, we can build much stronger relationships. Likewise, if we can give of ourselves in a way that speaks to our strengths and the love we feel, we’ll feel much more fulfilled through the act of giving itself.

I created this spread to help you foster and grow this connection, and I hope it serves you well in your relationships and beyond!

0001 (49)

Much Love,


This spread was taken from theĀ Tarot Spreads for the Brave and Curious, a fifty spread e-book designed to help you navigate each area of your life through the timeless wisdom of tarot.



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