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When I was younger, I dreamed of writing the great American novel. I wanted to know how wonderful it felt to be praised and lauded and to have my thoughts and ideas spread far and wide. I wanted to walk around knowing that others thought I was a literary genius, because I thought that if I achieved that sort of fame, I’d finally feel okay about who I was.

Did I love to write? Sure. But my desire to be a writer had very little to do with that. Rather, it stemmed from the fear that I wasn’t good enough, that I was average and invisible, and that my life, as it were, didn’t matter all that much.

So often the lust for power is born out of fear, insecurity, and emptiness. It’s born in a being that’s ignorant of its own value and magnificence, and so manifests as a desire for power over another. When we aren’t firmly seated in our own power (and have no idea how to access that power), we often seek to control someone else as a means of filling the void. And when that doesn’t work (because the void can only be filled when we accept who we are and the life that’s given us), we up the ante and create a wake of mayhem behind us (and still feel unsatisfied).

If a person’s power relies on the compliance or complacency of another, I’d challenge that it’s not power at all. Power is the knowledge that you are divine regardless of what you have or accomplish. It’s being in love with yourself deeply enough that you can forgive yourself for your faults and accept where you are within the context of where you’re going. It’s knowing that your value is independent of others’ assessments–that your worth is intrinsic, that it comes from within you. It’s knowing enough about yourself and who you are that you can react and respond with your highest good (and the highest good of others) in mind. It’s acting boldly and bravely in the face of insult, discouragement, and others’ attempts to convince you that you’re less worthy than you are. And it’s being bold enough to carve your own path despite what others want and expect from you.

What does being powerful mean to you? What does being empowered mean to you? Was there ever a time you felt powerless, and how did that powerlessness influence your choices and behavior? I’d love to hear what you have to say–include the hashtag #inmyownpower so I can find you!

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