Five Tarot Cards for Self-Love

Every September, tarot reader, lightworker, and all around goddess Kelly-Ann Maddox hosts Self-Love September, a celebration and an affirmation of the relationship we have with ourselves.

She posts content every other day for the whole of September discussing all manner of topics (confronting addiction, learning to trust your intuition, and forming strong boundaries have all popped up on the docket this year). For the past two years, she’s opened this celebration to the general public by inviting others to share their stories and struggles with self-love with the hashtags #selflovesept and #selflovestories so we can all find them and learn from their wisdom.

My self-love journey has been a long and arduous one. It may seem like I’ve always been this confident/prolific/active/involved, but I’ve spent plenty of time imprisoned by negative thought cycles and paralyzed by the false belief that I simply wasn’t good enough to see my dreams realized. Even though I’ve largely put my false belief system to bed and have embraced the expression of my truest self, I still have days when doubts creep in and threaten to slow my momentum. It’s on those days that I flip through my deck and pull out the cards I find most self-loving and channel their kind, nurturing vibes.

The Star

This card is known as tarot’s “healer,” and its message is indefinitely one of gentle self-care. I’m known to take a ritual bath when I’m feeling particularly funky, and as I’m adding the herbs and the salt and the oils and the crystals to this gorgeous watery concoction, the image of The Star never fails to pop into my mind’s eye.

The Star The Fountain Tarot

The Fountain Tarot, Self-Published, 2014

When I’m super busy and feeling a little burnt out, I set The Star on my altar to remind me that it’s time to take a step back and hold space for myself so that my mind, body, and spirit gets the R&R it needs to recuperate and regenerate.

The Nine of Pentacles

This card is so badass and body-positive that I count it among my top five faves in all of tarot. This woman is at peace in her prosperity, is confident in the continuous flow of abundance and is able and capable of caring for herself and building her empire.

Nine of Pentacles RWS Centennial Tarot Deck

RWS Centennial Edition, US Games, 2009

Whenever I’m feeling the sting of failure or an opportunity doesn’t pan out, I look to the Nine of Pentacles to remind me that there’s no shortage of abundance in the universe and that one small setback can never derail my passion and commitment to being the best self I can be.

The Queen of Cups

This is a card I look to when I feel that my well has begun to run dry. I spend so much time counseling and advising others that I sometimes forget to reflect on my own emotional landscape.

Queen of Cups Ostara Tarot

Ostara Tarot, Schiffer Publishing, 2017

The Queen of Cups reminds me to pull out my journal and write my furious thoughts so I can reach catharsis and release when I’m dealing with something heavy. She asks me to pull out my tarot cards and do a reading for myself so I may be privy to the same level of insight I offer others. And she reminds me to disconnect when things are way too overwhelming and I need a recess with my thoughts and feelings.

The Hermit

The Hermit asks me to spend some serious time at the altar to reconnect with my spiritual practice.

The Hermit Mary El Tarot

The Mary-El Tarot, Schiffer Publishing, 2012

He’s the voice that says please sit down and meditate this morning when I’m itching to launch straight into writing mode. He’s the force that carries my feet on long and aimless walks through the city and he’s the question I ask when I’m looking to connect with the great vastness of everything. He represents my spiritual practice, and if spiritual practice isn’t a strong component of self-love, I don’t know what is.


There’s nothing more self-loving than recommitting yourself to temperance once you realize that you’ve dipped too far towards one extreme. We often fall out of balance when we feel insecure or out of control, and when fear and uncertainty guide our actions, we tend to make choices that don’t resonate with our highest good.

Temperance The Illuminated Tarot

The Illuminate Tarot, Clarkson Potter, 2017

Temperance is my year card this year, so I’ve deepened my relationship with the archetype to the extent that I know its importance in guiding us to a healthier, happier self. If you choose one card to channel on this list, let it be Temperance–your body, mind, and spirit deserve to feel well and in alignment.

Much Love and Happy Self-Love September,


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3 thoughts on “Five Tarot Cards for Self-Love

  1. Thank you for this post — your comments on 9 Pents was so inspiring and illuminating for me — it’s a vision of the card I hadn’t considered, but so love — I’m going to spend some time pulling out all my 9 Pents to cheer myself up.

  2. Terrific article!!! Temperance is the only one I wouldn’t have thought of, and that says a lot about how much I need its lesson. 🙂 AND it happens to be my card of the day, so maaayyyybe I will get the message now? Yes! I am bringing this card into my understanding of self-care and it’s going to transform our relationship, I can tell. Thank you, Jessi!

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