Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius Reading

Happy Eclipse Season, Beautiful People.

Eclipses inspire change. Release. Transformation. They invite us to consider which aspects of our lives need restructuring and rearranging, and how we might go about making these shifts in heart-centered and spirit-centered ways. Most importantly, they attune us to the power and beauty of our own precious evolution so we can value who we were, who we are, and who we’re becoming.

Eclipses are opportunities to reconnect with the deepest, most resonant aspects of ourselves.

I remember the first eclipse I ever saw–I was in third grade and still very much a child. The excitement with which I constructed my eclipse viewer was visceral and pure, and the care I took to make sure it was done correctly required more focus and control than I was normally willing to muster at that age. The awe I felt when I watched the sun slip behind its shadow and the sky become an eerie, otherworldly color stayed with me. It was magickal. It still is, though the meaning of that magick has changed significantly as I’ve grown and contended with my share of obstacles and challenges.

It’s never too late to rediscover the magick that exists within us, and it’s never too late to resuscitate our dreams.

The world is as it appears and it’s otherworldly, and we can work with the energy of eclipses to access the magick, harness it, and put it to work for us. Dare to follow the path of your own transformation, to lean into the discomfort of change so you can get ahead of it and be prepared for the gifts it offers. Now is the time to reach for the fruit and pluck it from the vine.

Much Love and a Blessed Eclipse,

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