New Moon in Leo Reading

The new moon in Leo is one of joy, confidence, and self-appreciation. If you’ve been a bit of a shrinking violet lately, now’s a good time to step forward and show yourself in all of your glory. Let the world see who you truly are–the self that’s unfettered by shame, disappointment, and self-consciousness. Instead, dress yourself up and take yourself out. Tell yourself that you’re the shit, because you are. Inhabit your own magnificence and see how your attitude and outlook shape your world. If these messages make you want to curl into an introverted ball, try treating it as an experiment. That way, if it “fails,” it’s no reflection on you.

Step into self by accepting that everyone’s kind of a hot mess. I’m thirty-two, and I’ve yet to meet a person who’s got it together 100% of the time. Unrealistic expectations are weighing you down and convincing you that your worth is less than it is. Focus less on what you haven’t accomplished and more on what you have–pick up your journal and reflect on the you five years ago compared to the present you. What have you learned? What have you been through? What have you accomplished despite all odds?

Learn to love yourself. Love yourself. What do those words mean to you? How can you treat yourself with the same compassion and decency you treat those closest to you? Dedicate some time in the coming weeks to connecting to your heart center and growing the warmth you feel there. Let it emanate from your being, and let it return to you.

Use your trauma, sadness, and upset to drive the cogs of the wheels of your creativity. I’m not the first to suggest that our struggles make for really good art; when we’re vulnerable and honest about the most tender parts of ourselves, we connect with others. We show them that their struggle is our struggle, and that our triumph is their triumph as well.

Nurture your inner light. Honor its divinity and respect that its fire exists with and without you. Don’t be afraid to show it off, to display it for others to see and enjoy. It’s beautiful and it deserves expression. When you give your light to others, you feed the world. Grow the brilliance of your environment by showing us your truest self.

You’re pretty overworked right now, but you feel like a break would set you back. Let me set aside the woo and get scientific: it’s proven that periodic breaks add to, not subtract from, productivity. Pushing through burn out inevitably leads to crappier quality work, lifestyle, and relationships. Do yourself a favor and unplug–your mind, body, and soul will thank you!

Much Love and Happy New Moon!


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