What I’ve Learned in my First Year of Business

Let me begin by saying this is no primer. After all, I just launched my tarot biz inside of a year ago, so I’m pulling from a limited amount of experience on the subject. However, after I was asked for biz advice in a tarot group I frequent (and after I let the beautiful person know that  I’m not quite in the biz of “biz consultation”), I offered to share my thoughts and experiences in blog post so beautiful people such as yourself could benefit from my newbie insight.

And honestly, the fact that I am a biz “newbie” is precisely the reason I decided to write this post–I built my biz in the same conditions that you’re building your biz, so what worked for others years ago may not work for you. 

I know, for instance, that it was a hell of a lot easier to build a Youtube following five years ago than it is today. More and more peeps are becoming open to having their tarot cards read, which means there’s more people reading cards which means there’s more competition. What was one a niche market on its own has spawned a series of niche markets, so the waters are a bit more choppy. The personal brand is in its heyday. And the platforms we use to market our business are ever-changing. As time passes, building a core audience/clientele from scratch becomes more difficult. Trust me–it’s a jungle out there.

Lucky for you, I’ve experienced this madness first hand. And like I said, there are many who know more–about SEO, about targeting a market, about posting on SM at key times and automating posts for greater productivity–and I’ve willingly paid for their expertise on the subject (if you’re looking for some pro biz guidance, check out Ethony, Theresa Reed, and Kelly-Ann Maddox. My girl Vix of New Age Hipster just threw her hat into the biz mentoring ring, and she’ll no doubt rock your socks off).  For now, allow me to humbly offer my personal experience on building a metaphysical biz this past year in the hopes that I can help you navigate the wild, confusing, thrilling, and sometimes frustrating world of the online metaphysical entrepreneur.

Sometimes You’re Up, Sometimes You’re Down

Peeps chat a lot about consistency in biz circles and how important it is in terms of building your empire. However, it’s not always a two-way street. After three months of consistently increasing profits, for example, I had a month where I barely made a dime. I was freaking out–“where did everyone go?” I’d remained completely consistent in terms of social media posting and advertising, but business simply hadn’t. In response, I redoubled my efforts, and still, nothing.

When the dead month transitioned into the new month, however, things began to pick up again. Soon, I was back to where I’d been earnings-wise. I still can’t explain what happened there; some make the assertion that you lose some biz when you level up, and maybe that had something to do with it. All I can advise you is to keep at it. Don’t throw the towel in too soon. A bad month doesn’t necessarily mean that your business has sunken into the abyss. If you keep putting yourself out there, you’re bound to rebound.

Likewise, you may have a month that shatters all of your previous records. Perhaps you’re mentioned in a blog with an awesome following and you get a surge of traffic to your site (and a subsequent surge of conversions). Perhaps you publish a post/video/free gift that freaking takes off, and you find yourself with more biz than you can handle. You’re thinking, “Yes! I’ve made it to the Elysian Fields!” In a sense, you’re right–people are beginning to notice you and your work. But allow me to caution you against thinking you’ve “made it.” This is merely an instance of surge, and things will achieve equilibrium within a couple days.

What to do? Make more awesome content. Keep making it no matter how your business is doing. It’s a surefire way to continue to be visited and recognized.

Actively Strategize and Test Theories

They don’t call them “biz smarts” for no reason–running a business is as logical and mindful a pursuit as they come. People with healthy businesses know what they’re doing, and this is because they pay attention to what works and what doesn’t. Like scientists they create or borrow theories, test them out, record their observations, and come to conclusions. For the STEM challenged (guilty as charged), beginning this process is about as pleasant as having an infected tooth extracted, but given time, patience, perseverance, and positive results, it becomes second nature.

If you’re thinking, “Screw that–I have an awesome product, so I don’t need to strategize,” think again. If no one knows about your awesome product, no one will buy it. And if you don’t know a thing or two about using social media and marketing yourself, your website traffic will stagnate or cease all together.

Things Change

Ever heard of an algorithm? Merriam-Webster defines it as “a step-by-step procedure for solving a problem or accomplishing some end especially by a computer.” For those of us using social media platforms to advertise, it means “a change in the way Instagram filters posts that completely fucks up my strategy and decreases my audience.” Whenever I hear that one of my platforms is changing up its algorithm, I let out this beastly growl of annoyance and frustration. It means I have to tweak my approach. In some cases, I have to completely re-strategize. And I’m not alone–everyday I read a facebook post about how annoying the ads are, how inconsistently they target people, how annoying it is when people sell to you in posts, how people actually like when you provide links to your offerings in posts…

Here’s my advice: keep abreast of the changes. Do the best you can to adjust. Be patient as you work to figure it out, and persist with social media platforms where you’re successful. It’ll all work out in the end. Which brings me to my last tip…

When all else fails, you do you.

If you’ve spent the last few months beating your head against a brick wall without really getting anywhere, take a break. Give yourself some time to get reacquainted with the passion and zeal that inspired you to start your biz in the first place. Get out into nature or spend a day doing what seriously turns you on (without attachment or expectation). Journal about the obstacles you’re facing to get some clarity. Find a way to get some insight into your situation (soliciting advice from a colleague or getting a tarot reading work fairly well for me). See if what you’re dealing with isn’t a biz issue, but a shadow issue. Perhaps you’re in the thick of beating back some seriously limiting beliefs and you could use some guidance. Either way, step away from the biz for a minute so you can replenish yourself. Soon enough, you’ll be back at it with renewed vigor and fervor.

Wishing You Strength, Power, and Endurance,


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  1. I learned while working small business retail that some times were slow because of society related fluxes in people’s recreational money. January, for example, was slow because people spent their extra money on Christmas shopping the month before. Back to school time might also cut from some people’s pocket money.

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