Woo Musings: Integration as a Spiritual Concept

Hello, Beauties!


It’s official–I’ve been blogging about tarot, witchcraft, and all things woo for a year! I’m a bit overcome as I consider the amazing connections I’ve made in this virtual space, and I want to express my sincerest gratitude to all of you who’ve joined me for the ride. Your comments, contributions, and support have been instrumental to the evolution of the blog and the services I offer. Thank you so, so much. Truly. Deeply. You make what I do rewarding and meaningful.

As this primary year comes to a close, I feel like I’ve reached the culmination of a cycle. The World has been a bit of a stalker card lately, asking me to consider its messages in terms of where I am presently and where I’d like to be in the future. As far as the blog goes, I definitely have some ideas, but I’m going to keep mum until I’ve fleshed them out! Spiritually speaking, I’d like to further integrate my tarot and witchcraft practices, and I’m thinking about ways of integrating my yogic practice into the mix as well! Because that’s what The World’s all about, right? Integration–considering disparate aspects and, through gained understanding, drawing connections between them to form a holistic worldview.

Moving forward, I endeavor to have a more integrative approach to what I do, because the notion that everything is connected is the universal principle that governs both my spirituality and my study of tarot. Let’s bring it all together and explore the common threads, amiright? Let’s look at The World and see what it can teach us about ourselves and our place within it.

Much Love and Many Thanks,


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