Ritual Ideas for the New Moon/New Year

Tomorrow’s Full Moon is in Cancer, and as such, is practically dripping with sensitive, powerful energy. Given our latest Mercury retrograde and the looming conclusion of this year, there’s been a lot of deep, intense reflection going on–we’ve parsed through our trials and tribulations, and if we were lucky, we learned a thing or two. If we want to take 2018 by the balls, it’s important that we translate insight into action–change doesn’t happen on its own. For me, ritual is the perfect transition between intention and manifestation; focusing on what I want and asking the universe to collaborate with me helps me shift into a confident, competent mindset. In the spirit of facing 2018 in power, I share with you some of my own ritual practices in the hope that you may find them useful. Happy New Moon and Happy New Year!

1. On separate slips of paper, write down each of the situations or events of 2017 that caused you pain and/or suffering. Recite each out loud, then burn them in whichever way you choose (use caution and discernment when working with fire). After each has burned to ash, recite, “I release you.” Let the wind carry the ash into the sky.

2. Fill a glass jar with items from the year that hold emotional significance to you. Bless the jar with a prayer and incense smoke; while the smoke lingers in the jar, seal it. Bury the jar in a hole you’ve dug in a location that’s special to you, and commit your year to the earth. Allow yourself to reflect on both the positive and negative aspects of the year. When you feel ready, let them pass through you as through a pain of glass.

3. Choose a gemstone based on common correspondences or your innate attraction to it. This will be your “year” stone–that which represents the whole of your intentions in 2018. Cleanse the stone by a method of your choosing (sage, sacred water, salt, etc.). Once cleansed, hold the stone in your palm and visualize what you wish to bring into your life in the coming year. Make sure you do this in a place where you feel safe and won’t be interrupted, and take as much time as you need to feel that the stone is charged with your intention. Place it in a visible location. If it ever feels that it’s “lost its charge” throughout the year, repeat.

4. If you’re a student of tarot, throw a year ahead reading–one card for each month arranged in a circle pattern with your tarot year card in the center (find out how to calculate your yearly tarot card here). Write a paragraph or two detailing predictions, favorable energies, and potential roadblocks for each month. As you move forward in 2018, use this reading as a blueprint, a roadmap to help you set intentions and manifest your goals.

5. On separate slips of paper, write down 1) everything you wish to draw to you in the year ahead, and 2) what you plan on doing to help bring these dreams to fruition. Dig a hole in a location that’s special to you. Read you wishes/intentions aloud. Drop the slips of paper in the hole and bury them. Water the plot with consecrated water, and say a blessing for success.

6. Create a mantra that expresses the intentions and energy for you wish to attract in the new year. Try to keep it short and clear; for example, “I will be strong. I will act from my heart-center. I will make self-loving choices, and I will stand in my power.” In ritual, repeat it as many times as you or your tradition feel is best. Whenever you feel yourself faltering, recite this mantra to yourself until the doubt or negative feeling passes.

Happy intention setting, Beautiful People.

Much Love,


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