“Free Your Mind” Tarot Spread for the New Moon and the Witches’ New Year

I’ve always considered my birthdate synchronistically attuned to the dawning of my new year. Long before I called myself a “witch”, Samhain/Scorpio season saw me ensconced in the crystal dome of self-reflection–how well had I weathered last year’s challenges? What could I do to fortify myself for the challenges to come? In which areas had I excelled? Where could I improve, and how?

This year is (thankfully!) no different. My journal and I, already fast friends, have become inseparable as the torrent of new ideas rushes forth and begs to be scrawled upon the page. I spent this past summer deeply engaged in shadow work, and now that the dust has settled, it’s time to come full circle and come into my own. But before I can emerge Phoenix-like from the ashes, I know that I must light my metaphorical match and set fire to that which no longer serves me.

In the western world, the New Year’s holiday is defined by resolutions–what we plan to deny or embrace in order to better ourselves in the coming year. Many of these resolutions find their roots in the mundane: “I’m going to join a gym and exercise three times a week.” ” I’m going to eat healthier.” “I resolve to lose ten pounds.” “I’m going to quit smoking.” Approximately 2/3 of those who make resolutions fail to uphold them, and I have a witchy/pop psychology theory as to why this is so: in order to change behavior, one must first recognize what causes one to behave so. And once this cause is identified, one must sit down and make a workable plan to facilitate change (and a banishing ritual or two never hurts).

Knowing that I wanted to tackle this year’s new year/birthday transformation in a productive, organized fashion, I created a tarot spread that addresses some useful points of reflection. Since the holiday closely corresponds with the New Moon in Scorpio, It’s  geared towards engaging with the shadow aspect, but it also aims to be forward-looking in nature (think intention-setting). Think of it as a microcosmic “death/rebirth” spread. And since its largely inspired by a Morpheus quote from The Matrix, imagine Laurence Fishburne reading the positions (his voice is otherworldly).

“Free Your Mind” Tarot Spread

1. What are the nagging doubts that prevent me from taking risks and putting myself out there?

2. What are my most deep-seated fears? How do they manifest, and what do they reveal about me?

3. What is the core of my disbelief? Why do I ignore that which my intuition knows to be true?

4. What actionable steps can I take to overcome my fears and quell my doubts?

5. What actionable steps can I take to nurture self-belief? What can I do to cultivate my spiritual connection?


This reading definitely lends itself as a precursor to a release ritual, if that’s your bag. Likewise, if you celebrate your new year in conjunction with your birthday or if you celebrate it on January 1, you can tuck this spread away for a rainy day. If you’d like a reading with this spread from the creatrix who birthed it into the world, check out Holy Om Tarot. Je suis a votre service, bien sur.

I fear the only thing to leave you with is the following: ” I’m trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show you the door. You’re the one who has to walk through it. You have to let it all go–fear, doubt, and disbelief. Free your mind.”

Much Love,


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