A Hot Mess Meets Paper Planning: A Candid Photo Journey

It’s the new moon in Virgo, and I’m on a serious mission to streamline my life. Never the most organized soul, I’ve spent the better part of two decades struggling to file forms and meet deadlines while day planners and file folders lay neglected in the corner, collecting dust. The witchy community made me hip to the glorious world of paper planning, and I’ve thrown myself headlong into the pursuit of productive, well-managed time usage (well…to paraphrase comic John Mulaney: “I’m just a thirty-one year old woman doing her best).


Like anything else, this endeavor’s been a process. I’m about to outline this process (lucky you, right?) to give you a glimpse into what this madness has been like. I wish you success on your own “get my shit together journey”, and if you haven’t yet started, I hope this (uncomfortably) candid account will give you the courage to go for it!

Step One: Buy A Planner (In June).



Step Two: Charge the Planner With Your Favorite Crystal (because your track record necessitates that you roll out whatever woo you have at your disposal to make this shit come to fruition).



Step Three: Begin.

IMG_6787 2


Step Four: Seriously, BEGIN.

FullSizeRender 24

(That’s better.)

Step Five: Take a Vacation.

FullSizeRender 25

Step Six: Consult the Tarot and Decide that you Need to Define Exactly What it is That you Want Before you Do Anymore Planning.


Step Seven: Unearth Your New Moon Tarot Spread and Put That Shit to Good Use.


Step Eight: Decide That Before You Can Do Anything Else, you Must Get a Handle On Your Budget.


Step Nine: Get All Political and Heated About the Cost of Living in the United States in 2016 (you can use your imaginations for this one).

Step 10: Entertain the Sacrifices You Can Make In Order to Beef Up Your Nest Egg.


Step Ten: Decide that There is No Force on God’s Green Earth That Can Make You Give Up Chocolate.

Step Eleven: Go Eat Some Chocolate.

Step Twelve: Realize That You’ve Got This On Lock.

Step Thirteen: Rejoice.





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