August Healing.

Hello Strong, Persevering Beauties.

Summer, often the season of lightness and revery, was dark and heavy this year. A series of senseless tragedies left communities shaken to their cores, and demons that long lurked on the periphery were dragged into the light. Addressing the injustices of the past months (years, centuries) won’t be easy, nor should it be. We’re fast approaching a huge cultural shift, and the call for psycho-spiritual evolution is incredibly strong. In the midst of such polarizing energies, it’s natural to feel exhausted, uncertain, and depleted.

In the spirit of bringing it back to center, I’m dedicating this August to the consideration, the exploration, and the practice of healing. I’ll be sharing herbal relaxation recipes, release rituals, restorative tarot spreads, psychic protection practices, and methods to connect with the Higher Mind across all platforms and mediums. Because we all deserve to heal. We all deserve to be held. We need to revive ourselves for the work to come. And hell,  because it makes us feel good.

Much Love,


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