Holy Om Tarot-4

Hello Beautiful Seekers!

After years of theoretical study, meditative practice, and soul searching, the day has finally arrived: I’ve official launched Holy Om Tarot.

I’ve always been compelled to do work that’s transformative. In each profession I’ve undertaken (and there’ve been a few), I’ve felt ethically and socially compromised. Walking, driving, or training it home, I was left with a sense of dread–I’m not making the world a better place. I’m not using my talents and abilities to guide others towards realizing that they do matter, that they have control over their lives, and that it is their human right to do that which fills their soul to the brim. There were glimmers of moments where I felt connection, where I felt that I was seeing someone for who they genuinely were and was responding to that genuine self. But these moments occurred in digressions, in the space between fulfilling my job description. I felt there had to be a way to give these moments centerstage, to honor them as the subject of my energy. It wasn’t until I found tarot that I realized this was possible. I’m thrilled to be setting out on this journey, and am thrilled at the prospect of engaging with others in a meaningful way. I truly believe that guiding others through life’s peaks and pitfalls is what I’m called to do, and I’m relieved and profoundly grateful that I’ve finally found the proper channel through which to do it.

I dedicate all of my energy and resources to this practice. I meditate before my readings. I take time to connect with my clients through the ether before spreading the cards. I do all that I can to make space for a query, to extract every pertinent meaning so my clients access full insight into their obstacles. Believe me when I say this: I am here for YOU. I am dedicated to you one hundred percent. And nothing could make me happier. Thank you for joining me on this awesome trip of a life.

Love and Light Always,




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