Tarot for Happiness: Cooperation

Hello All!  I’m back for another installment of Tarot for Happiness, and today’s glorious topic is cooperation.  If you’re a lone wolf like me, the thought of cooperation may send shivers down your spine: you mean I have to play well with others?  Why can’t I just nestle into my little burrow and set about doing this myself?  I promise, if you let me do this alone, the end product will be MUCH better.

As much as we like to believe that we’re fully capable of flying solo, the old adage persists: no man is an island.  And often, when we least expect it, we’re faced with an obstacle that requires the action and input of others to overcome.  Ever try moving house alone?  Unless you’re prepared to completely Hulk out, you’re going to need a couple of strong backs to help you get your King-size up the staircase.  Besides, isn’t beer and pizza with buds post-move the best part?

Without cooperation, we’d still be lone hunters canvassing the prairie, fending off coyotes with rocks and sticks.  Together, we’ve been able to accomplish mind bending feats (International Space Station, anyone?), creating a whole that is much more than the sum of its parts.  I’m here, however, to speak of those parts.  So without further ado, the Rider Waite-Smith:


The three of pentacles is the classic cooperation card: the mason, priest, and architect work together to construct a towering cathedral.  Each offers his/her area of expertise to the project, and together, they execute a task that would be impossible for each of them to do alone.  Built of stone, the fruit of their labor is stable and timeless; what they create will survive long after them.

The spirit of cooperation is fueled by the notion that what we achieve together is much bigger than ourselves.  Remember the Occupy Movement? Gandhi’s quest for an independent India? That awesome talent show you performed in in the sixth grade?  There is an overwhelming sense of pride and accomplishment born out of working in groups, and teamwork builds and strengthens bonds that persist long after the task is completed. When we are part of a group, we feel valued and appreciated, and our dedication to our group-mates and the task at hand often inspires in us strength and determination that we never knew we had.

Challenge: Help someone move (I know, I can’t seem to drop this example).  Help your neighbor do some yard work.  Volunteer for a local park clean-up, or plan a celebration with some friends.  Play kickball or ultimate frisbee or whatever awesome sport-like thing you do.  Meditate with a group.  Revel in the wonder and the collective energy of the moment. If you’re a journal-type person, write about your experience.  And if you care to, tell me about it : )

Peace and Love Happy People,


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